Second Breath - Directed by Gillian Lacey
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Gillian lacey  initiated this project through her friendship with Maurice Blik. It was a move away from film making to explore other possibilities of working with different people and for different audiences. She was excited by the idea of 'moving sculpture' and through different and freer ways of telling a story than were possible for TV or more conservative filmmaking. The piece should be seen more as a flexible installation.

Maurice Blik has had an extensive career in Art Education. In the 80s he began to develop his own artwork and in 1991 gave up teaching to work full time on sculpture. In 1996 he was elected President of the Royal Society of British Sculptors and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He works in the UK & USA where he was awarded residency by the US government as 'a person of extraordinary artistic ability'.

Alex Balanescu. Gillian knew Alex through his film music and had met him socially a couple of times. Hearing his performance of MARIA T convinced her that Alex was the best composer for SECOND BREATH. Alex was born into a Jewish family trapped in Romania , eventually granted permission to leave for Israel and
then London.

Gemma Carrington  had been a student at the NFTS were Gillian is Head of Animation Direction. Her work favours story content often found through photographs.
Her style of layering images seemed very appropriate to Maurice's story. Gemma has been working with Gillian and now with Maurice on developing a 'look' for other projects.