Second Breath - Directed by Gillian Lacey
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describes the project:

SECOND BREATH is made up of seven sections.
This is the first time in years that I set out on a project with no constraints. I have always made films and always to a budget, deadline or brief that was often not my own.

I had wanted to break out for a while and this subject was the turning point. I knew I could not sit and listen to ‘others’ telling me what ‘they’ or the ‘viewers’ wanted out of the film. I wanted to be able to respect Maurice and his story and emotions in my own way. Not only that, I didn’t want it to be a film.

I wanted it in some way to be live and performable in a variety of venues.
I had a vision of projecting on different surfaces and different scales.

What happened took 3 years, working on and off between other things. That allowed the work to change and grow.  At the beginning it was to be the story I saw in the sculpture, told through filmed sculpture and dance. 
Gradually I found myself filming more and different sections. These then formed over time into the work I ended up with

                grab egg sculpture

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