Second Breath - Directed by Gillian Lacey
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The powerful new work that emerges uses the potency of different art forms to convey the universality in the story of one individual, awakening and triumphing over war and conflict, to take a ‘second breath’.  The audience will be engaged in an experience which contributes to the memory of the Holocaust but moves the legacy on in a spirit of optimism for the future.

Maurice feels strongly that more should be shown and told of the successes and achievements of holocaust survivors as a form of testimony rather than always asking them to recall the horror of the experience.

Although it is a personal journey all the artists feel that at the present time this work can be seen to have a contemporary and universal meaning. The artists involved in the production each bring their own unique interpretation to the sculptures / sculptor’s story and this collaboration.



The work is designed to be as flexible as possible for different uses, in concert halls, museums, schools and colleges.
It is constructed as a series of sections to be projected onto a single screen or different screens, surfaces and sculptures as an installation/performance piece with live music by the Balanescu quartet.