Second Breath - Directed by Gillian Lacey
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Maurice Blik:

"Second Breath has given me a raw and compelling insight into my sculpture. Although artists often believe that revealing the roots of their work destroys the creative process,  I took that risk.

Filmed in the context of my life experience, Gilly's interpretation has traced my imagery to its sources and ambitions and I cannot deny that her view resonates with me.

It has been a verification, a confirmation of the legitimacy and integrity of my sculpture and the luxury of exploring my work at arm's length through this medium, has been a nurturing and enabling process which has consolidated my belief."


The performance lasts 50 minutes.

The performance possibilities are :

  • Projection, Live performance with the Balanescu Quartet
  • Projections on a series of screens /surfaces with recorded music
  • Maurice Blik, Gillian Lacey and the other artists may be present to introduce the work and talk about the subject and the issues raised